Agricultural Land Assessments

Agricultural land is a scarce resource. The ability to produce food and fibre for local and regional markets is important to the health of residents and the sustainability of the local and regional economy. An agricultural land assessment identifies land with agricultural potential worthy of protection. An assessment can be prepared for a single parcel or an entire municipality. It can provide a detailed assessment of the soil capability or it can be part of a larger review of agriculture in the local economy. Clark Consulting Services and in particular Bob Clark maintain accreditation for agricultural land evaluation. We have developed a unique graphic approach to the LEAD assessment technique developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. This technique has been used in a number of studies including the Kingston Agricultural Study and individual land evaluations forming the basis for justifying the designation of lands as agricultural or as non-agricultural within the meaning of the Provincial Policy Statement.

With the introduction of the FIT program in Ontario the OPA, and now the IESO have required land studies on many proposed ground mounted solar projects. The requirements for these studies has evolved over time. CCS has been working through these changes completing studies under the original FIT rules through to the latest version. Where a project may require a detailed study or mapping please contact us to discuss.