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Clark Consulting Services

Changing the landscape

Agricultural Land Assesments

Clark Consulting Services maintains accreditation for agricultural land evaluation.  Let us help you manage your resources.


Clark Consulting Services Response to Covid-19

We recognize that the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation has created stress and changes in the reality of public interaction. CCS takes the health of our staff, our clients, and our community and industry colleagues seriously and with care.

In accordance to recommendations/instructions from health agencies and Provincial and Federal governments Clark Consulting Services offices in Port Hope and Kingston are closed to the public and our employees are following a remote work model that ensures we are taking the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19.

We continue to collaborate with our clients and our team meet regularly via telephone and web conference to ensure we continue to deliver project work.  As Municipal Protocols and Procedures concerning Government and Agency meetings are established we will reach out and keep you informed.

Methods of contacting CCS have not changed. You can call us at the numbers on our website or email the Professional in charge of your project.

Rural Planning

Farm land is one of Canada’s most precious resources. Rural planning therefore requires an understanding of natural features, the rural community, its history, municipal planning and finance. Having grown up in rural Ontario Bob Clark is invested in supporting rural communities and their resources.


It's About The Fit

Everyone knows that a square peg won’t fit into a round hole – on its own. At Clark Consulting we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate solutions to the intricate problems of land use planning and development. Our team is well versed at creating planning solutions that fit.

Bob Clark

Having over 40 years of experience with Urban and Rural land use projects, Bob Clark is known for finding unique answers to difficult planning questions. Bob is able to substantiate his ideas with years of experience, an encyclopaedic knowledge of planning policy, and his ability to adapt his understanding to a changing landscape .