Private Development

Private land owners, whether they have large land holdings or a small plot of land, can use the expertise of a land use planner to assist them in understanding the regulations that affect the use of their land. Monitoring the changes to these regulations ensures that we can alert owners to the latest requirements and how these regulations will affect the on-going use of the lands. Whether the proposed change involves a building permit for a single building or the development of a multiple unit commercial, industrial or residential project we can advise on the nature of approvals required and design an approval program that will address these approvals in a logical and systematic manner that will ensure the highest probability of success. We keep the owner fully apprised of progress and ensure that you will have timely and effective input on the important decisions affecting the project. We represent landowners before Committees, Councils and the Ontario Municipal Board.

Our first priority is to clearly understand the objectives of the land owner. We will review the proposal, the applicable planning documents and the site and prepare an assessment of how well the proposed use fits into the natural and manmade community. We can identify issues and concerns as well as assist individuals in effectively representing the project during the approval process.