Renewable Energy Projects

Solar Power – Non-Rooftop Solar Projects

The development of ground mounted solar PV projects is a land use which has evolved quickly in Ontario. We specialize in Rural Planning, and Agricultural Land Evaluations.  We have the qualifications and experience to assist developers and owners in preparing the required land use components of the IESO application.

Land Evaluation

Bob Clark, Professional Agrologist and Pedologist leads a team who complete a Land Evaluation Studies where required under Section 3.8 of the Draft FIT 5 Rules. We have been providing this service since the Feed in Tarriff program began in Ontario.

Peer Review
We are recognized as a firm qualified to Peer Review Land Evaluation Studies and to complete the prescribed Peer Review Declaration for Non-Rooftop Solar Projects.
Canada Land Inventory (CLI) Mapping
Where your project requires mapping under Section 3.8, CCS will prepare an excerpt of the CLI FIT mapping complying with the (Draft FIT 5) Rules.  Where required CCS will prepare CLI FIT mapping showing compliance with Section 2.3 of the (Draft FiT 5) Rules.
Specialty Crop Mapping

Where required CCS will prepare a Specialty Crop Map in accordance with Section 2.3 of the (Draft FIT 5) Rules.

Municipal Official Plan Mapping

Where required CCS will prepare a map based on an excerpt from a municipality’s Official Plan in accordance with Section 3.8 in the (Draft FIT 5) rules.

Zoning Certificate for New Rooftop Solar Project

With CCS’ experience as Land Use Planners we will prepare a zoning certificate as appropriate where required under section 3.8 of the (Draft FIT 5) rules.

Municipal Council Resolutions

CCS has extensive experience presenting applications and projects to Municipalities. We will work with you in representing or assisting you to present to Municipal Staff Committees and Councils.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Conversion Systems (Wind Farms) represent a new form of land use with unique siting requirements and limited experience to draw on in Rural Ontario. In our role as Municipal Planning Advisors we have undertaken extensive research into Wind Farms and the challenge they pose for land use planning.

We have provided land use planning advice to the municipal council of the Township of Frontenac Islands on the evaluation of wind energy proposals and the review of the impact on the community. This evaluation included the preparation of Official Plan policy, zoning regulation and site plan review. We were part of the team that negotiated a hosting agreement. The Zoning By-law Amendment was appealed, reviewed and approved (with amendments) by the Ontario Municipal Board. We have prepared a site plan approval process to ensure that commitments made to the Municipality are achieved. The Environmental Review Report (ERR) was also reviewed as part of our responsibility to the Municipality.